Information Technology Transformation

BizCarta Technology transformation services helps you migrate from old to the new world technology solutions and adopt innovative approach to automate,
simplify and optimize your IT production.

Data-Centre Convergence

Transform your data center from complex, silo based traditional Storage + Compute architecture to a scale-out and cost effective Hyper Converged Infrastructure. Hyper-converged appliances offer an ideal infrastructure platform for server virtualization providing server, storage, networking and virtualization in a single appliance.

  • 50-90% lower than traditional data centers.
  • Turnkey solutions that offer the same elastic cloud benefits as frameworks
  • Workflows to support legacy applications in a single, modular appliance.
  • Start small and scale out in minimal increments.
  • Bridge between legacy applications and elastic cloud applications.

Enterprise Storage Optimization

Consolidate your local storages; abstract them into a virtual storage pool and combine into a  Software Defined Storage Volume 

  • Optimize how VMs use storage to deploy; up-to five times more.
  • Improve utilization by 50-70% of the existing storage infrastructure.
  • Give local storage enterprise-level functionality.
  • Deliver the performance required by server applications.
  • Deliver optimal storage performance and capacity through policy-based controls.
  • Provide flexible management of a wide range of storage across the data center.
  • Provision and clone VMs in seconds.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtualize your desktop infrastructure and provide secure anytime, anywhere access to end-user devices, featuring fast provisioning and deployment, broad support for Windows and Linux, optimized storage , and stateless clustering for high availability and fast and flexible scaling to give enterprises complete IT control with an uncompromised end user experience. Our solutions are affordable for customers of all sizes.

  • Security, management and cost effectiveness
  • Turnkey offering of virtual desktop workload
  • Any desktop any enterprise
  • BYOD / BYOPC and consumer-class devices
  • Single vendor solution without added hypervisor Costs
  • IT efficiency and business continuity

Application performance acceleration & I/O Optimization

BizCarta Application performance acceleration and IO optimization service relies on high performance software solutions that optimize and maintains application performance and efficiency. Using proprietary tools we quantify and establish a proof-of-performance that showcase the unprecedented performance improvement from introducing our I/O optimization technology that optimize workloads, improves IO response time and reduce latencies.

  • Do more with less
  • Save time and money
  • Increase application speed
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce hardware, floor space and energy

Application & Data Delivery Service

There is no silver bullet for delivery of applications, various technologies viz. VDI, VM hosting and remote delivery methods, app streaming technologies that deliver virtualized or non-virtualized applications are available. With so many options it is often difficult to choose the most appropriate technology solution. With several years of implementation experience of various Application Delivery technologies

At BizCarta we are vehement about rules before tools methodology in all our process and we help in identifying the right technology for dependable, secure delivery of applications to users. We posess several years of implementation experience of various Application Delivery technologies.

Leverage on our expertise to achieve:

  • Reduced on-going management cost.
  • Centralized software distribution.
  • Secure anywhere access of Corporate applications and data.
  • Flexible working patterns.
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