Information Risk Management Services

BizCarta Technology Transformation services helps customers migrate from old to the new world technology solutions. We help you adopt innovative approach to optimize your IT production.

Enterprise IT Security Assessment

BizCarta undertakes a comprehensive assessment of the companies IT Landscape to identify threats and vulnerabilities and develop a road map to mitigate risks and establish a proactive security strategy.

Network & Infrastructure Security Testing

BizCarta performs vulnerability assessment and penetration Testing (VAPT) of the network and IT infrastructure to determine the organizations attack surface the goal of this assessment is to establish a “Heat Map of the Companies Attack Vectors” and establish a systematic mitigation strategy.

Application Security Assurance Program

BizCarta offers a comprehensive software security assessment program for web, mobile and thick client applications to identify potential vulnerabilities at the code level and implement an effective risks mitigation process at the application design and architecture stage.

Third Party Application Security Assurance Program

Companies today extensively use 3rd Party applications and often extend the applications to Customers, Employees, Partners and Supplier ecosystem expanding the attack surface of the organization. BizCarta’s Third Party Application Security Assurance Program is designed to secure your software supply chain and provide assurance for all your third party applications.

Secure SDLC Consulting Services

Absence of secure coding techniques and not incorporating security at the design and development stage results in exploitable applications and expensive security testing later. BizCarta Provides consultation to establish Secure Software Development Life Cycle program aimed at reducing re-mediation cost by incorporating security at the design and development stage.

Information Risk Management Solutions

IT Risk Analytics Solution

Identity and Access Management Solution

Single Sign On Solutions

SIEM Solutions

Next Generation Web Application Firewall

Password Management Solution

Secure Application Delivery

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